No one can disagree that your mobile camera is the handiest. The first thing that comes to our minds when we want to shoot those irresistible reactions or funny moments of your baby or child.
Yet lots of those shots you snap with your mobile phone aren’t really that good and end up in your mobile’s Trash folder.
Here are few simple tricks you can use to capture better iPhone images on the go.

1. First thing to remember it isn’t about the megapixels but about the quantity of light, so make sure you are near a light source, a large window or whatever!
Tip: Never use the flash to avoid red eyes; use the flash light of another phone instead

2. Fast access your camera. Use your iPhone’s shortcuts for faster access of your camera. To access your camera on your locked phone, go to Home screen and swipe left. Or swipe up and hit camera icon for an unlocked iPhone.

3. Improve composition of your photo by putting on the Grid option from your camera setting. It will remind you of the rules of thirds & power points which will help you improve your composition. Try to keep the subject either in the middle of the image or at one of the thirds intersections.

4. Set focus and exposure by holding on the screen.
Touch and hold to lock the focus and exposure. You can then, recompose the photo and recapture easily.

5. You can even adjust the exposure by moving up and down the sun sign when you lock the exposure

6. For better shots with kids, hold on the shutter button to activate the burst mode to grasp as many photos as possible. That’s your only chance of capturing a good shot for those fast moving creatures!
N.B. Don’t forget to filter and delete the photos to save your mobile’s memory.

7. Try some photo editing apps that you can easily download from your App Store. It is no waste of I promise to purchases Photogene (paid app) for editing your photos like a pro. It is really worth the investment.