Can’t Soothe Your Baby for a Photoshoot?

Can’t soothe your baby for a Photoshoot?

Did you Try the 5 S’s?

Nothing can annoy a new parent, and a new mommy in specific, more than feeling helpless to stop the crying of one’s own baby. With all those sleepless nights, and all the concentrated efforts on that new tiny person who can’t yet communicate her/his needs it could feel frustrating, disappointing, tiring and could even fill you with anger.

It is important when this happens that you remember that it is very normal for babies to cry and it is equally normal that you spend quite some time trying to soothe that baby especially for a new parent. Remember, you don’t know her/ him yet! And you don’t know why the baby is crying, so it is normal to feel clueless about it.

The baby has been in the womb for the last nine months, so imitating the womb environment is the key in calming any baby. There are Five main tricks that I consider as survival essentials for surviving the first 6 months with your baby. These tips will help you soothe your baby and stop the crying.

Yet before being able to use those tips, you need to do two things; first you need to check that the babies’ basic needs are satisfied, i.e. baby isn’t hungry, doesn’t need to change and isn’t feeling cold or hot. Secondly, and most important part of the process, you need to Stay Calm. Stay Calm even if it means you may need to put your baby in a safe place while you disappear for few minutes to gather yourself up and Calm yourself. Your baby can feel your energy and act as a reflection to it. So, tell yourself that everything is going to be fine. Say that out loud, for yourself or partner to hear it and for your baby can too and then you can start using any, some or all of the following 5 tips. Remember, No magic wands available dear, so it will require some patience and practice to perfect this soothing process.

1- Swaddling a baby is a definite calming tip and even if the baby is crying or starts crying after you start, the greatest tip is to swaddle through the cry, at the end the baby will calm and stop crying. The swaddling helps the baby to feel contained and in a way imitate the womb environment. Starting with the swaddling has also proved to make the baby more responsive to the following 4 tips. Just make sure you don’t overheat the baby.

2- Put baby on Side-Stomach Position, carrying a baby with tummy done can work magic especially for colic baby’s. In a way pressing down on the baby’s stomach can tremendously comfort the baby. So, whether it be your on shoulder, lap, hand or even tummy (which I have seen some dads do), just make sure the babies tummy is pressed on, gently of course!

N.B. This tip is perfect for the daddies too, so

don’t forget to share it with your spouse 

3- Shushing, as I mentioned up that the key for comforting baby is to imitate the womb environment, which definitely includes the sounds. In the 80’s many hospitals will use the sound of a hoover machine as a background sound in incubators. Nowadays, people use a white noise machine or easier a white noise App (which you can get for free on your mobile). You can also hold your baby close to you and make the shh noise in their ear, make your noise a little louder than their crying. If the crying gets louder, as it might at first, higher the shushing sound and when they get quieter lower your voice till they calm down.

N.B. This tips work best with the coming one, so make sure to use both tips at the same time. We recommend this White Noise App:

4- Swinging, Remember, the baby has been living 9 months in his mom’s moving body. That’s why swinging a fussy baby is a very essential part in the soothing process. Whether it be by swaying the baby, using a rocking chair, rocking the baby in his/her car seat or stroller, or even driving your baby in the car! Our Best practice proved that babies will calm faster if the parent keep moving up and down while holding the baby and shushing in their ears.

5- Sucking is a comforting activity for your baby, so sometimes all they need is a little sucking on something, not necessarily your breast, or her/his bottle. A pacifier or even parents’ finger will just do! Although it is the last tip, I advise you to always start with it, it could save you a lot!

N.B. In case you choose finger sucking, make sure to use your little finger and keep the nail towards the lip not the tongue.